# Troubleshooting CopyDoc

# Microsoft Word line height exceeding the height of a text layer

If your text layer has a large line height (that exceeds the height of the text layer itself), your text will be pushed down in the Microsoft Word (.docx) export.

# DOCX file exports aren't optimised for Google Docs

If you're exporting your Figma designs to .docx, please open them in Microsoft Word, as some features won't be supported in Google Docs.

# Opening CSV files with unicode characters in Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel requires you to use the built-in Import Wizard (opens new window) to import the CSV if your text contains unicode characters (for example, if your content is in Polish or Russian). Please note that other spreadsheet software like Apple Keynote and Google Sheets doesn't require you to do this, and you can open the CSV file normally in those apps.

To do this in Microsoft Excel, you can create a brand new Excel file, click on the Data tab in the Excel header, select the From Text button, browse for the exported .csv that CopyDoc exported, then select UTF-8 as the file origin; then confirm to import the file into Excel as expected.

# VPN may be required in China

Please note, if you're in China, the license server may be blocked by "The Great Firewall of China". If you're seeing a license error, despite using a valid key, you will likely need to use a VPN to resolve the issue.