# Troubleshooting Crypto

# URL expiration

Your secure links and images will automatically be removed after a 30 day period of inactivity (30 days after the link was last accessed and viewed) to ensure they are not accidentally laying around after they've served their purpose.

# Google Cloud

Your static design images are securely stored as images in Google Cloud, with the same encryption used by many of Google’s production services, including Gmail and Google’s own corporate data. Please note, this doesn't apply to the "Figma Prototype" option, which is an embed hosted by Figma.

# Create a brand new URL/password for your Figma file

Due to it being a fairly sensitive feature, instead of adding a button/icon to click, we've made this feature activate only by entering the "Konami Code" on your keyboard while the plugin is running:

Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A

Typing that sequence of keys on your keyboard will trigger the Crypto plugin to create a brand new URL/password for your Figma file, so you could enter it in a duplicated Figma file to give it a different brand new URL/password than the original one.

# Thin white line around image exports

Occassionally some images will contain a faint, thin white line around the edges. Figma does this (opens new window) if a layer isn't positioned on a rounded pixel value (eg. Y: 156.76 or X: 56.3) will automatically result in this sub-pixel line getting included in the export. To resolve the issue, please ensure that your layer positions are all rounded pixel values.

# VPN may be required in China

Please note, if you're in China, the license server may be blocked by "The Great Firewall of China". If you're seeing a license error, despite using a valid key, you will likely need to use a VPN to resolve the issue.