# Troubleshooting Pitchdeck

# Frames used as slides should all be the same size

Please ensure all your frames are the same size; 16:9 ratio frames are recommended (eg. 1280x720 or 1920x1080) for the best presentation results across most monitors and TV screens.

# Google Slides only supports "custom" Google Fonts

If you're using third party fonts to design your slides in Figma, and exporting your presentation for Google Slides, please note that Google Slides won't be able to render the font (even if it's installed on your computer), as it only supports any font that is available via Google Fonts.

# Google Slides will downscale any image over 1600x1600 pixels

If you're exporting your designs to use in Google Slides, please note that Google Slides will automatically "downscale" any images in your deck that are bigger than 1600 pixels; this can cause them to lose some visual quality. As a work around for this, try reducing the size of your frames in Figma (and disabling the "Use @2x retina" export option).

# Gradients not supported for editable text in .pptx exports

If you're using a gradient fill(s) for a text layer in your Figma design, Pitchdeck will automatically take the first gradient fill and use the first colour of that gradient as the "solid" colour in your .pttx export.

# GIFs embedded in Figma documents

Due to GIF export not being natively supported in Figma, any GIFs added "directly" inside your Figma designs won't be animated; to use animated GIFs, please add them as URLs inside the Pitchdeck plugin.

# PNG images

Pitchdeck will try to automatically detect if a layer contains areas of full transparency and set PNG as the default export format, otherwise it will be set to JPG. You can override this to set the export format of any layer to JPG or PNG by adding your own export setting.

# Install custom fonts that are missing in .pptx exports

Please note that opening the exported .pptx file on a computer which doesn't have the fonts used in Figma installed will cause the text to look different than it does in the Figma design. Please ensure you install any required fonts or replace/substitute any missing fonts where needed.

# Presentation URL expiry after 30 days

Presentation URLs will automatically expire after a 30 day period of inactivity (30 days after the link was last accessed and viewed); if you would like to re-activate the URL after it has expired, simply run Pitchdeck in the Figma file and click Upload Web Presentation.